Dr. Taylor is a Native of St. Louis, Missouri. His practice includes Adult Spine procedures along with Total Disc Replacement, Artificial Disk Replacement, spine fusion and micro surgical decompression. He is a member of the spine arthroplasty society and has a research interest in artificial disc surgery.

General Information

As an experienced orthopedic spine surgeon with more than 15 years of specialization in orthopedic care, I take a highly cooperative approach to caring for my patients. I believe that the most important component to a patient/doctor relationship is listening to the needs of the patient, providing quality patient education information and presenting the non-operative treatment options to the patient prior to ever considering a surgical intervention.

In My Practice

In my practice we specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of adult spinal disorders. During the patient’s initial consultation, each patient should expect to have a thorough evaluation of their spine health problem and be offered time to ask questions regarding their spine health. My practice is unique in that we provide compassionate, competent spine care placing patients first as well as our motto to exhaust non-operative treatment before ever considering a spinal surgical intervention.

We are committed to patient’s satisfaction and we actively solicit feedback from our patients and take that feedback seriously and incorporate suggestions readily into our practice. We also monitor patient outcomes using standard outcome measurement tools. I look forward to having the opportunity to work with you and helping you to achieve the best possible spine health.

Town & Country Crossing Orthopedics, 884 Woods Mill Road. Suite 201 St. Louis, MO 63011 | Main: 1-636-227-8226, E-mail: taylorortho@tcco.com

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